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When can I stream the films on MIFF 70?

Most films on MIFF 70 will be accessible from Friday 12 August, 2022 at 9:00 AM through to Sunday 28 August 2022 at 11:59PM AEST. As soon as you press play on the majority of films, you will have thirty six (36) hours to complete your viewing. Please note: some films have limited and specific viewing windows, please check the film’s program page for more info.

During a film’s viewing window, you will be able to rewind, forward through, pause or exit and restart the film. Please note that undertaking any of these actions will not extend the viewing window.

Are all films with in-cinema sessions also online?

We endeavour to upload a wide range of films onto MIFF Play. However, due to classification regulations or film distributor preferences, not all films will be available on MIFF Play. They may receive a wider in-cinema release after the festival, or be uploaded on different streaming platforms. If you are interested in finding out more, we recommend visiting the distributor’s website for any upcoming news about the films. You can find the name of the distributor on the main MIFF website program listing page under ‘Company Credit’.

How do I rent a film?

You can rent the films from the individual session pages, however you will first need to set up a MIFF Play account. To purchase a film for individual titles, click into the session page and select ‘rent’ above the synopsis. Films are only able to be rented individually, rather than in one booking with films in your cart.

This will open up a payment window for you to enter your credit card details along with any promo codes you may have and finalise your transaction. Once you have successfully rented the film, it will populate in your Library ready to be viewed during the festival period.

Can I use my MIFF Gift Vouchers to rent films on MIFF Play?

No. MIFF gift vouchers are only valid for purchases of in cinema admission tickets, in cinema passes and MIFF memberships. They cannot be used to purchase film streams from MIFF Play.

Can I use my Share/Discovery Pass to rent films on MIFF Play?

Passes are not valid for redeeming film streams on MIFF Play.

Will any of the films sell out or are tickets unlimited?

Yes, capacities are limited, so it is possible films will sell out. If there is something you don’t want to miss, we recommend renting as soon as you can.

Why are capacities limited?

Capacity limits are set for a variety of reasons and each film has a different set of conditions. Capacities can be directed by a combination of the following: sales agents, distributors, filmmakers and the classification authorities.

Will you add more films to MIFF Play?

Additional films may be added to MIFF Play as the festival progresses. Keep an eye on our newsletter for any announcements regarding new titles on MIFF Play.

Is there any content I can access for free?

Yes, we are offering all short films for free through MIFF Play. They can be rented individually from the front page under the short packages headings.

Is there an app available to watch films?

Click here for the iOS MIFF Play app which will enable you to view and Chromecast/AirPlay the films you have purchased. Click here for the Android app. This year we also have a MIFF Play app for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Search MIFF Play on your device to find the app. Please note: you will not be able to purchase streams directly from the app.

How do I stream to my TV?

Click here for more details on how to set up your screening at home for various devices.

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