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Wood and Water (2021)

Feature Drama 1h 19m
  • Directed by Jonas Bak
  • English, German, Cantonese
  • Germany

Anke retires from her job at the church in a small town in Germany’s Black Forest. She looks forward to reuniting with her children over the summer holidays near the Baltic Sea, where they used to live as a family and where she spent her best years. At the last minute, however, her son Max tells her he is unable to join them because of the pro-democracy protests that are bringing Hong Kong, where he lives, to a standstill. She has been out of touch with him for a long time; after an otherwise uneventful summer, and facing the void of retirement, she decides to visit him.

A story of formidable vulnerability, Wood and Water chronicles an elderly woman’s journey not just to an altogether foreign place, but also of breaking down the inner walls she has constructed – in both cases making way for a new chapter in her life.

Includes an introduction by Cristóbal Escobar.


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Jonas Bak


Charlotte Lelong


Ulla Lehmann


Andrea Roggon


Jonas Bak


Alex Grigoras


Jonas Bak





Bonus Content

23 mins
Wood and Water: capturing the elements

With Jonas Bak and Cristóbal Escobar